Ownable Reitnouer Maxmiser for ATS version 1.37 v1.0

Mod for American Truck Simulator in category Other

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Ownable Reitnouer Maxmiser for ATS version 1.372015 Reitnouer Maxmiser

AO Baked

Steer axle

Lift Axles

Independent cargosCargos:




Curtain side


3 Variants to choose from!!

4 Axle Spread (Replaced 7 Axle)

4 Axle With Steer Axle

Spread Axle 53 Ft

Spread Axle 48 Fti m just sharing this updated version i feel like a lot of ppl might enjoy this trailer

so enjoy itcouldnt find a video of 1.37 so enjoy this old one of 1.33


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